0300 Number Image

0300 Numbers  are reserved for public sector bodies and non-profit organisations.

0300 Numbers are free to call from landline and mobile phone (inclusives minutes or charged the same as National Rate Call).

Advantages of Using a 0300 Number.

    • Free to dial from mobile and landline ( as part of bundle Minutes)
    • Easily create brand awareness.

Most telecom providers in UK charge around 1p-2.5p to route a call  from 0300 number to a landline.

If you are charged 1p to receive a call, your monthly bill will most likely look like this.


Minutes Used
Total cost £
10,000 100
50,000 500
100,000 1000
250,000 2500
500,000 5000

We provide 0300 Numbers at 0 Pence per minute.

If your 0300 number was provided by 03numbersforfree then you will have no bill to pay at the end of the month. The only charge payable is the monthly charge. Which is fixed for the duration of your contract.

Each 0300 number provided by us comes with a Free number Management portal. You can route the number to any landline in UK.

You can  use also  use 0300 number  as a fax2email or setup intelligent time routing between different call centres  through Management portal.