Free 0345 number with free divert to landline Nowadays most calls are made via mobile phones and no one likes to dial a 0845 number. Call charges for 0845 number vary between mobile operators.

Why make your customer pay extra to buy from you or even to call you for help. Getting new customers and keeping old customers satisfied must be a top priority for any Business. If your business is in sales then why make your customer pay more to buy from you. Most companies have decided to keep 0845 numbers due to extra cost associated with 0345 numbers.

0345 numbers are cheaper alternative to 0845 numbers. Callers pay no more then what they pay for dialing 01/02 numbers. Mobile and landline callers can call them for free as part of bundle minutes.

If you buy your 0345 number from us then you will have no need to worry about what your telephony bill will be at end of the month. All our 03 numbers are 100% Free.

Buy any 0345 number from us and you will get free unlimited divert to any UK landline (01/02 numbers). Unlike our competitors there is no monthly charge or setup charge. All our 0345 numbers are 100% Free.

Even though we are free we don’t compromise on quality. Each of our 0345 number comes with host of extra features. Other companies charge extra but we give them for free. You get unlimited use of these features.

If you need help with setting up these features, don’t worry we can do this for free. Once you buy the number email us what you need and we will set it up for you. Most request are done within 6-12 hours and this includes weekends

Say goodbye to bills and enjoy 100% free service with excellent support. There is no contact and no commitment to stay with us if you are not happy with our service.

If you already have a 0345 number then you can transfer the number to our service for free. Number transfering takes around 3-4 weeks.Form for porting the number can be downloaded here.Porting Form.

We are able to offer this as we are part of a Tier One telecom provider in UK. Our Numbers are used by SME’s, Councils and Charities.