0300 numbers for charities

What are 0300 numbers ?

0300 numbers are non-geographic telephone numbers.Authorised by Ofcom to be only used by Charities and Gov Departments.Being a 03 numbers they cost the caller the same as dialling a 01/2 number or are free (as part of bundled minutes)


Why should a Charity use a 0300 number ?

Apart from the obvious reason that 0300 can only be used by charities and Gov Departments.

0300 numbers help create an identity.It transform a Local charity to a National Charity

If you move offices or change your telephone number 0300 number will stay the same.

If your main telephone number goes down , you can easily reroute calls to another  01/02 number. (built in disaster recovery)


Why Choose us ?

A lot of 0300 number providers are offering free 0300 number with no set-up or line rental charge.The only charge is the cost of receiving the call.This varies between 1p-3p per minute.

If you receive 1000 minutes of calls a day, it will cost you around  £10 to £30 a day.

03numbersforfree  are the only provider in UK that offer

  • 0300 number with no Set-up/line rental Charge
  • No charge to Receive the call
  • Unlimited Free access to control Panel with  Hundred’s of Features.
  • 100% Bill less Service.


How can we afford to do it for free when others charge ?

Unlike Our competitors of non geographic numbers like 03 numbers we are not a reseller. You are dealing directly with the main carrier.

Our Parent company is a network operator with dedicated interconnection routes between local and international Telecom operators. They own the equipment this service is provided upon.

They are also the registered owner of every 03 number we sell.

Each time our 03 number is dialled, our network operator receives a fee .This fee is more than amount we pay out to divert the call to a land line. This is where our profit comes from.

The more minutes a customer uses the more money we make.

What does all this mean for you the customer? Well you don’t need to worry about bills or any kind of fees whatsoever. Why not take a number now and we also promise to take good care of you


How to Sign-up?

Simply visit the sign-up page and select 0300 from number block.Select number/numbers by clicking on plus sign.

Fill the form on the right and submit.

We will allocate  a 0300 number and  email you the confirmation with  couple of hours.


Got more question or still unsure ?

Please check the Most asked Questions if still unsure.. If you have a different questions Drop us an email from Contact us.