Since we launched this service in 2013 we have been asked many Questions.
This FAQ contains some of the questions that we have been asked.

Do I pay anything to use your service ?

Our service is 100% free to use.There is no charge  to receive a call, no line rental or monthly charge

So what's the catch ?

There is only one.The 03 number must be used.

There must at least be one minute worth of call  every 30 days.( we prefer a lot more)

What about the old saying " if it is too good to be true .. ....." ?

We are a business.We need to make money.We do make money even though  we don’t charge you anything.How we make money can be found on this link  how we make money.

I have often used the example of a  company called Freeserve. Before broadband when dial up internet  was the norm.Every internet provider used to charge a set monthly fee for internet access.Customer also had to pay a per minute charge to telephone provider.

Along came a company called Freeserve  ( set-up by dixon group & others). They offered unlimited free internet access.All customer had to pay was the charge to their telephone provider.

Freeseve offer was taken up by millions of customers.Each time the customer dialled the local rate 0845 number Freeserve got paid a commission by the Telecom provider.

What we are offering is based on the same principle.You get a free 03 number, your customer calls you either free or pay a local rate.We get paid by their Telecom provider.

Win Win for all

Do you play advertisement during call ?

We don’t.Call is delivered to you with CLID ( if present)  of the caller.

If my customer has free unlimited telephone Package, do you still make money ?

It doesn’t matter what package your customer has.We get paid by customers Telecom provider.

Each time the Telecom provider transfer the call to us they pay  us a small amount to accept the call, we also pay a small amount to transfer the call to the destination number. This is called terminating charge

Do you have a Fair usage policy ?

We make money when you  receive a call on your 03 number.The more calls you receive the more we make.

There is no limit to the minutes you can use.We would like it very much if you receive many minutes worth of calls.

If we receive a complain from Ofcom where the 03 number has been used in a fraudulent manner then we will  disconnect the 03 number.

Will I receive a bill ?

We will never bill you for using our free service .

How come all the other provider charge and you don't ?

We can offer this service because our Telecom Carrier owns the 03 numbers we provide this service through. I can’t comment why other Carrier cant offer similar service.

What happens if tomorrow the Telecom market changes and you can't make money offering free service ?

This is very unlikely to happens.Most Telecom providers make bulk of their profit from  terminating charges.

In the unlikely scenario , we have a  contingency plan in place.

All 03 numbers issued by us sit on a hosted system  managed by Numeric Futures. Numeric Futures are a paid Telecom solution provider. If terminating  charges are abolished fully then  you will have a choice either to go on paid solution with numeric futures or port your number to an other provider. Your 03 number will not be terminated or cancelled.

We guarantee that  the price offered by numeric futures will be unbeatable by other providers

Please note: If terminating charges are abolished then the price charged by other Telecom provider will increase drastically.

Do I sign a contract ?


What if I don't like your service?

As there is no contract your can discontinue use of our service any time you wish.

Do i have to pay to use the control Panel ?

Control panel is free to use and you have unlimited access to it.

Certain features  like call recording , set ring duration and music playback during queue are not available. ( on standard control panel).

Call recording is not available on advanced control panel.

How is voice quality compared to paid providers ?

We provide you with the best possible voice quality any provider can.It is in our best interest to provide you the best service.

If we provide a  2nd best service you wont use the 03 number and we won’t make any money.

We use PSTN not Voip to transfer calls

Do you provide Support ?

We provide support via phone and email. We also have number of video tutorial on our website.

Our standard control panel is very easy to use.Any body with basic computer skill can use it.

Our advanced control panel is more suited for IT professional.

what is your uptime guarantee ?

We provide 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Do you use voip to transfer Calls ?

No we don’t.

Do you have a backup system in place during downtime ?

Yes we do.

Can I transfer calls to Any number in UK ?

Call can be transferred to any Landlines number in UK as long as it  starts with 01/02 .

We can’t transfer calls to Mobiles, 03,05 or 08 numbers and numbers belonging to Max telecom ( Isle of Man).

Can I transfer to UK mobile ?

Forwarding to UK Mobile is not allowed.

If I pay can I transfer Calls to UK Mobile ?

Forwarding to UK mobile either free or paid is not allowed.

Can I transfer calls to Sip address?

On advanced portal you can

Can I show dialled 03 number instead of caller id on my phone caller display ?

We only show CLID at the moment. 03 number is not shown on your caller display

I have multiple 03 numbers going to same landline, how do I know which 03 number was dialled ?

On standard portal we have a feature called pre call presentation ( whispers ). This allows a voice message to be played prior to answer. Only the recipient hear the message.

This feature can be used to distinguish between 03 numbers


Can I forward calls to more then one number ?

Yes you can

Do you a have an Mobile App ?

No we don’t .

Can I create menu option ?

Yes you can

Do I get access to call stats ?

Yes you do via the portal

Can i port my 03 number away from you ?

Yes you can.

Please note certain provider will charge for the transfer of 03 number to there network .You will need to speak to your new provider about this.

I have a 0845 ,0844 or 0870 number.Can I get the equivalent 03 number?

Equivalent 03 numbers can only be offered by the provider that hold your 08 number.

We can transfer your 08 number to our network and then request the equivalent 03 number.

In order to do  this your monthly usage must be more then 5k minutes per month and your current provider must have a porting agreement with Vodafone.


Can i port my 03 number to you and get free forwarding ?

We do offer porting service. Porting process is a time consuming process.We only offer this service where your monthly usage is over 5K minutes per month.

In order to get free forwarding you current provider of 03 number must have a porting agreement with Vodafone.If they don’t we cant port your number and offer free forwarding.

You can still port your number to our  paid provider partner Numeric Futures and they will beat any rate you paying right now.

Can i move numbers between standard and advanced portals ?

No you can’t.Both portal reside on different networks.03 numbers can’t be moved.