Non-Geographic and Geographic Numbers

Geographic Telephone Number

If your business provides a service or product to a particular geographic area in UK then it is more appropriate to go for a 01/02 local number. It will create a local presence and people searching locally for your service are more likely to contact you.

Non-Geographic Telephone Number

If your Business provides a service or product nationally then it is more beneficial to go for a non-geographic Telephone Number like 03 Number. Non-geographic numbers create a sense of national presence and also help to create a larger image of your company.

Calls made to non geographic telephone numbers can be forwarded to any phone number in UK or Abroad. In case of emergency calls can be easily rerouted to another location.

Apart from creating a larger image, non-geographic numbers are also portable. If you move your office to another town, your non geographic number will stay the same.

Cost of dialling 03 non-geographic numbers cost the same as dialling any 01/02 numbers. Keeping the telephony cost down for customers always help with customer retention and satisfaction.

03 Non-Geographic numbers also comply with latest EU directive which forbids use of expensive charging numbers for customer services.

If your want to grow your business nationally, have a robust telephony solution, easily portable then we would advice going for a non-geographic telephone number. No extra hardware is required as call routing takes place on our cloud hosted solution.

03 non-geographic numbers are widely used by government Departments, NHS and Utilities companies.