We have added a video on how to change the forwarding number on your 03 Number. Text instruction on how to change the forwarding number can be found below.



We always setup the initial forwarding of the 03 numbers, if the forwarding number is supplied to us at the  time of order.

Please follow this guide if you need to change the forwarding number or the number has not been setup

First you will need to login into your account  with the provided username and password

Once logged in you should see the following screen.


setting up 03 number


If you see a different screen then you will need to click on

Service Numbers  -> Plan Routing

Under the Number column you will see all the numbers you have ordered. Next to it will be  the Active Routing Plan.

Click the number or name listed under the Active Routing Plan as shown below.


select active routing plan



One clicked you will see a screen  similar to this.


changing 03number destination


You can change the Destination Name field to anything you like. If you have more than one  03 number from us , it will be useful to name it after the person or department

Ring duration can be set to anything from 20 seconds to 60 seconds.

Welcome  prompt can be set once you record a welcome message ( a tutorial on how  to record a message will be available shortly)

Setting up a hunting is only applicable when you are forwarding calls to more than one number. You can view the difference between different hunting strategy by clicking the small Question mark symbol

To change the destination/forwarding number please click on the edit as shown below.


changine 03 number edit button

Forwarding number must be a UK landline number. We do not forward calls to international or mobile number.

Max Simultaneous Calls can be set to 100.

Percentage routing is set to 100 if call is routed to one number otherwise   set it appropriately depending on how many forwarding numbers have been added.

Make sure Active is checked.

Click on save as shown below


saving 03 number


If you need to add  another forwarding number then click on Add and follow instructions as above.

You will also notice there are six other menu option which can be adjusted


03 number menu option


So far we have been dealing with Basic setting.

Option listed in Call Handlng,Active time,Out of hours can be setup very easily.

Call failure will require setting up voice messages. We will upload a tutorial shortly on how to setup voicemail and  how to  setup call failure.