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iconNumber Translation

With our service you can forward calls received on your 03 number to either a single or  multiple landline numbers using different hunting strategy. Once the forwarding number is changed the affect is immediate.Each number can then be setup to receive either  unlimited  or one incoming call at a time.

iconIntelligent Call Routing

Route the call to the correct call handler who can speak to the caller and resolve their query as efficiently as possible. IVR menus, geographic criteria and the time of day can be used to steer the customer to the correct destination, which comprises one or more telephone lines with call handlers available to answer the call.


Missed a call? Our Callback requests take the form of an email. The email is then sent to a predefined address where a business’s representative will process it to make the callback when possible.

iconCall Screening

Got an important customer? With our solution you can route calls based on specific numbers or dial prefixes. Call Screening relies on Service Numbers having visibility of the Callers Line Identity.

iconFax Forwarding

Forward faxes to your fax machine using a  03 number.

iconCall Statistics

In depth reporting of your 03 numbers. This provides the customer with a view of which 03 numbers are being dialled by the callers and whether they are being answered. The report can also be filtered by various attributes.

iconAdditional features

Many more features are available within the management portal for you to manage your 03 numbers. Contact us for more information.

iconVery powerful options built right in

Our Call Managment System allows a business to self-manage intelligent number services where calls to non-geographic numbers can be routed based on a series of criteria that the business can configure and manage for themselves.

Key features include:

  • Number Translation (Hunt Groups)
  • Out Of Hours Call Handling
  • Percentage Routing
  • Menus
  • Call Queuing
  • Voicemail
  • Callback
  • Geographic Routing
  • Time Routing
  • Fax Forwarding
  • Announcements
  • Reporting
  • Web Self-Care