03 Numbers are 100% Free

Why Free 03 Numbers

Why are we selling 0345 , 0370 , 0330 and 0300 numbers for free.?


We are asked this question nearly every day. Unlike Our competitors of non geographic numbers like 03 numbers we are not a reseller. You are dealing directly with the main carrier. Our Parent company is a network operator with dedicated interconnection routes between local and international telecom operators. They own the equipment this service is provided upon. They are also the registered owner of every 03 number we sell.

Each time our 03 number is dialled, our network operator receives a fee .This fee is more than amount we pay out to divert the call to a landline. This is where our profit comes from. The more minutes a customer uses the more money we make.

What does all this mean for you the customer? Well you dont need to worry about bills or any kind of fees whatsoever. Why not take a number now and we also promise to take good care of you 🙂

We recently launched a new control panel which among many others things allows calls to be sent to a sip address. If you need to forward calls to sip then please contact us.

Our customers include Retail,charities, call centres and  travel companies.