Which 08 numbers can be ported to equivalent 03 numbers.

Customers who are currently using any of the following can request the equivalent 03 numbers.

0845 xxx xxxx    becomes   0345  xxx xxxx
0870 xxx xxxx    becomes   0370  xxx xxxx
0844 xxx xxxx    becomes   0344  xxx xxxx
0371 xxx xxxx    becomes    0371 xxx xxxx

So a 0845 123456 will become 0345 123456.

The idea being it is a lot easy to remember a single digit change then a new number. The equivalent 03 numbers are only available from your current 08 number supplier.

For customer looking to take advantage of our free service, we can port your current 08 number and then request the equivalent 03 numbers to be ported over to us.

Porting process can take around 3-4 weeks.

Once the porting is completed, don’t forget to leave a message on the old 08 number advising customer of the new 03 number.

Most companies tend to leave the 08 number running for a while before switching it off completely.Depending on the company it varies between 6- 12 months.