Whispers or Pre call Notification  tells the recipient which 03 number was dialled.

This  feature is activated by a  playing a recording. If you have multiple 03 numbers and  only one destination number, this features comes very handy in how you answer the call.

If you have multiple  03 numbers, simply make a recording for each number via global setting-> voicemails.

Each of these recordings must be as short as possible. These recoding acts like a reminder , so the recipients knows  how to address the call.


Simple example

If you have  two 03 numbers on two different websites.

First 03 numbers  is for your company called  bike insurance.

Second  03 number is for your company called motor insurance.

Calls from both of these 03 numbers are  transferred to the same destination number and answered by the same person.

For your bike insurance you can make a Whisper by simply recoding the word “bike” and for your motor insurance the word “motor”.

When you answer a call that comes from bike insurance website your will hear the word “bike” and then the call will be connected. For motor insurance website you will hear the word “motor”.

You can then address the call as “Thank you for calling bike insurance or motor insurance”.


Call whisper can be used on as many 03 numbers as you like. Same recording can also be assigned to different  03 numbers.

Activate Call Whisper

To activate  call whispers please  login to your account.

To make the recoding  select global setting and then voice prompt.

Type a name  in the voice prompt name field and click save. The pin number will change. Follow the instruction on the screen to record the Call Whisper. Please note this  must as short  as possible,

You can also follow the following tutorial for voice recording.

Setting up Voicemail and Welcome Message on you 03 Number

To activate the whisper please select service number from the menu. Click on edit next to your chosen 03 number

setting up whispers

Select option from menu

setting up whisper

From Call presentation Announcement select the recording that you made earlier and click on save

setting up 03 number

This will activate the call Whsiper feature on your  chosen 03 number.