If you need help in setting up your 03 number forwarding please follow this tutorial.

Voicemail or Welcome message on your 03 number can be easily setup through our system.
You can either upload a pre-recorded message in a mp3 format or you can record it by using your telephone. In this tutorial we will also show you how to do both.

Login in to your account via the provided login/password.

Once logged in click on Global Settings as shown in the following image.

setting up voice recording

From global setting select voice prompt. Click on add as shown below.

making voice recording 03 number

You should now see the following screen

adding voicemail setting

Type in the Voice Prompt Name.e.g for welcome msg, Voicemail msg, Out of hours msg etc.

Once you type in the Voice Prompt Name you need to click on SAVE. You will notice the pin number will change.

Right under the Voice Prompt Name you will find   a small instruction regarding a phone number and pin number.

If you need to generate a new pin you can easily do this  by clicking generate pin.

Please note you do not need to click save once you have recorded the msg via telephone.

If you have a pre-recorded message in a mp3 format then you can upload it via the browse button and then click save.

I would advise making all the appropriate recording at this stage. You can also come back to this page letter you need to amend or create new recording.

If you have recorded or uploaded a voicemail message then   we need to setup the voicemail credential. When a customer leaves a voicemail it will be emailed to you.

To setup voicemail settings click on Features in the menu and select Voicemail from dropdown.Then Click on Add as shown below.

setting up voicemail settings

Next screen will ask you for various settings.

voicemail email settings

Voicemail Name –Choose a name for this voicemail

Initial Announcement — select the voicemail recording  that you have recorded

Final Announcement — if you want a  message to be played after customer leaves voicemail .You can the select the recording from dropdown if you have made a recorded. Most customer don’t use this option.

Email to Address .Email to send the voicemail to

Email from Address .. Email to send the voicemail from or can be same as above.

Click on Save once done.

Now  we will assign the voicemail and welcome message to the 03 number.

Click on Service Numbers in the menu and then Plan routing.Next to 03 number you will see the active routing plan.Click on the active routing plan (as shown below)

active routing plan

To setup welcome message, click on the drop arrow and select the recording you have made.Then click on save.(as shown below)

welcome message

Staying on the same page click on Call Failure tab.

Then Click on Edit next to No Answer.From Route Call click on drop down arrow and select the name of  your voicemail.Then Click on update .

You can do the same for busy.There is no need to do this for the other two option. (see image beflow)

call failure settingIf you have  setup active time then you can setup voicemail for out of hours .

Click on Out of Hour tab.Under Out of Hours heading select the action to voicemail. The same can be done for holidays.

out of hours

Then click on save once done.

You have now successfully setup  welcome message and voicemail. Please note all voicemail  are emailed delivered by us in a non compressed format and can played on Smartphone and PC’s.