Our Service can only be used with UK landlines numbers starting with 01/02.

Calls cannot be forwarded to UK Mobiles, 03,07,08 or any numbers apart from 01/02.

Orders received with incorrect forwarding numbers will be deleted.

This order form is for standard portal only.

  • Enjoy unlimited free 03 number forwarding
  • 03 numbers can only be forwarded to UK Landlines starting with 01/02 .They can’t be forwarded to Mobiles ,03 or 08 numbers.
  • You must receive a minute worth of call each month to keep the number active.
  • Please fill all field with correct information
  • Orders filled incorrectly will be considered as spam and  will be deleted.
  • One order per customer (can order multiple numbers)
  • If you need more then 5 numbers then contact us via Contact Us
  • Allow 24/48 hours for 03 number to become active
  • If you do not  get a reply within 48 hours then please do contact us regarding your order.

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