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Our dedicated sales & support team are available to guide and advise you where appropriate. Our team comprises of individuals with many years of combined experience in telco. So whatever questions or concerns you have, get in touch and we will give you honest and expert advice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 03 Number?

03 Numbers are Non Geographic Numbers. They can be forwarded to any landline or mobile Number. Cost of calling these numbers is the same as calling any 01/02 number.

0330 number can be used by anybody in UK.0345 and 0370 numbers can be used to move your 0845 and 0870 number to a 03 number. 0300 numbers can only be used by Charities and not for profit Organisation.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

How do I Place an Order?

You can order either by filling in the form online on the home page or by contacting us via phone . Our sales staff will then contact you back and complete the order over the phone and setup access to your number management portal.

Are your numbers really 0 pence per mintute ?

Yeap. It is correct. There is no charge for receiving  a call. Unlike other companies we don’t limit how many minutes you use. There is no monthly charge  and no setup charge.Our 03 numbers are 100% Free

Technically there no more bills to pay.

How do you make any money ?

Please visit the following web page on why our 03 numbers are free and how we make money.

How do I make the payment ?

There is nothing to pay 🙂

How do I Access Call Statistics ?

Information regarding usage of number, call stats can be accessed via the online call management.

Do I have to sign a long term contract ?

03numbersforfree does not operate on a minimum contract You can cancel your service at any time or port to another supplier. We do need a written notice from you though. Just email us and we will make it as easy as possible.

Can I point my new 03 number to a UK mobile number ?

It’s not possible, pointing to mobile number is NOT FREE. Also the billing gets complicated since we have to charge you for the minutes as well. .

Can I point my new 03 number to an International destination number ?

Yes. It’s possible and there are traffic charges depending on which country you want to point to. You should talk to us and we will get you the appropriate rates.

How do i Tranfer my number to 03numbersforfree ?

At the moment we only accept porting request from customers where the call volume is more then 50k minutes per month

Please contact us via contact us .

Please note it can take around 2-3 weeks for the number porting to complete.

Can i transfer my number away if i am not happy with your service ?

Yes you can .Please contact your new provider and they will start the porting process on your behalf.

How long will your service stay for free?

We have been providing this free service for 18 months  and we hope to continue doing so.

As long as current Telecom regulation stay as they are we will continue to offer this service for free.

I need xxx amount of 03 numbers.Can you provide this?

Yes we can .We will need some information from you.

It is best to contact us via  the contact form with your requirement.